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An association rule is something like "A,B ? C", meaning that C tends to occur when A and B occur. An itemset is just a collection such as "A,B,C", and it is frequent if its items tend to co-occur. The usual way to look for association rules is to find all frequent itemsets and then postprocess them into rules

a) .Net Framework Data Provider for SQL Server
Assembly Name :- System.Data.dll
NameSpace :- System.Data.SqlClient

b) .Net Framework Data Provider for OLE DB Server
Assembly Name :- System.Data.dll
NameSpace :- System.Data.OleDb

C) .Net Framework Data Provider for ODBC
Assembly Name :- System.Data.ODBC

d) .Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle
Assembly Name :- System.Data.OracleClient.dll
NameSpace :- System.Data.OracleClient

The Four main types of .net framework data provider are

  1. .Net framework data provider for SQL server.
  2. .Net framework data provider for OLEDB
  3. .Net framework data provider for ODBC
  4. .Net framework data provider for Oracle

The Key feature of ADO.Net are

  1. Disconnected Data Architecture
  2. Data cached in datasets
  3. Scalability
  4. Data transfer in XML format.

SQLCommand is used to execute all kind of SQL queries like DML(Insert, update,Delete) & DDL like(Create table, drop table etc) where as
SQLCommandBuilder object is used to build & execute SQL (DML) queries like select, insert, update & delete.

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