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Boxing is what happens when a value-type object is assigned to a reference-type variable.
Unboxing is what happens when a reference-type variable is assigned to a value-type variable.

Reflection is a concept using which we can

  1. Load assemblies dynamically
  2. Invoke methods at runtime
  3. Retriving type information at runtime.

AutoEventWireup attribute is used to set whether the events needs to be automatically generated or not.
In the case where AutoEventWireup attribute is set to false (by default) event handlers are automatically required for Page_Load or Page_Init. However when we set the value of the AutoEventWireup attribute to true the ASP.NET runtime does not require events to specify event handlers like Page_Load or Page_Init.

Below are the events occures during page load.

  1. Page_PreInit
  2. Page_Init
  3. Page_InitComplete
  4. Page_PreLoad

ViewState data is stored in the hidden field. When the page is submitted to the server the data is sent to the server in the form of hidden fields for each control. If th viewstate of the control is enable true the value is retained on the post back to the client when the page is post backed.

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