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Web User Control:

  1. Easy to Create.
  2. It Can be used inside the same Application.(To use it in other application we need to add it to that project.)
  3. It Can take advantage of Caching Technique.

Web Server Control:

  1. Bit tuff to create as compare to User Control.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Can be added to ToolBox.

Cookie Information will be stored in a txt file on client system under a
folder named Cookies. Search for it in your system you will find it.
Coming to Session State
As we know for every process some default space will be allocated by OS.
In case of InProc Session Info will be stored inside the process where our
application is running.
In case of StateServer Session Info will be stored using ASP.NET State Service.
In case of SQLServer Session info will be stored inside Database. Default DB
which will be created after running InstallSQLState Script is ASPState.

Adding reference in solution explorer is used to add the DLL for that project for reference only. If you want to utilize that DLL methods/functions in our aspx.cs/.cs file etc you must write using that nameclass library name in file.

Session Management can be achieved in two ways

  1. InProc
  2. OutProc

OutProc is again two types

  1. State Server
  2. SQL Server


  1. Faster as session resides in the same process as the application
  2. No need to serialize the data


  1. Will degrade the performance of the application if large chunk of data is stored
  2. On restart of IIS all the Session info will be lost

State Server

  1. Faster then SQL Server session management
  2. Safer then InProc. As IIS restart won’t effect the session data


  1. Data need to be serialized
  2. On restart of ASP.NET State Service session info will be lost
  3. Slower as compared to InProc

SQL Server

  1. Reliable and Durable
  2. IIS and ASP.NET State Service restart won’t effect the session data
  3. Good place for storing large chunk of data


  1. Data need to be serialized
  2. Slower as compare to InProc and State Server
  3. Need to purchase Licensed version of SQL Server

  1. Multilingual website can be created using Globalization and Localization.
  2. Using Globalization we change the Currency Date Numbers etc to Language Specific Format.
  3. To change the string which is there in the label button etc to language specific string we use Localization.
  4. In Localization we have to create different Resource files for different languages.
  5. During this process we use some classes present in System.Resources System.Globalization System.Threading namespaces.

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