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Caching is a technique of persisting the data in memory for immediate access to requesting program calls. This is considered as the best way to enhance the performance of the application.

Caching is of 3 types:

  1. Output Caching – Caches the whole page.
  2. Fragment Caching – Caches a part of the page
  3. Data Caching – Caches the data

We generally split our application into 3-Layers

  1. Presentation Layer ( Where we keep all web forms Master Pages and User Controls).
  2. Business Layer (Where we keep business logic). e.g Code related to manipulating data Custom Exception classes Custom Control classes Login related code if any etc. etc.
  3. Data Access Layer (Where we keep code used to interact with DB). e.g. We can have the methods which are using SQL Helper (Application Block).

Garbage Collector in .Net Framework is used for Automatic Memory Management i.e. it is collect all unused memory area and give to application. system.gc.collect() is a method for release the memory. But remember one think it is only an request i.e. we can’t explicitly release the memory by using system.gc.collect().

machine.config is a system level configuration i.e it is applied on all application in o/s that the configuration is set where as in web.config it is applicable to only one application i.e each asp.net webapplication will contain atleast on web.config file.

using Exception Management application block
Application_error objects

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