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Basic Networking Interview Questions

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Resource Manager
Transaction Manager and
Application Program. 

Process-per-client Architecture. (Example: Oracle 6, Informix )
Multithreaded Architecture. (Example: Sybase, SQL server)
Hybrid Architecture (Example: Oracle 7) 

Non-GUI clients - Two types are:-
Non-GUI clients that do not need multi-tasking
(Example: Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Cell phone)
Non-GUI clients that need multi-tasking
(Example: ROBOTs)

GUI clients
OOUI clients 

Non-GUI Client: These are applications, generate server requests with a minimal amount of human interaction.
GUI Clients: These are applications, where occasional requests to the server result from a human interacting with a GUI
(Example: Windows 3.x, NT 3.5)
OOUI clients : These are applications, which are highly-iconic, object-oriented user interface that provides seamless access to information in very visual formats.
(Example: MAC OS, Windows 95, NT 4.0) 

MOM allows general purpose messages to be exchanged in a Client/Server system using message queues. Applications communicate over networks by simply putting messages in the queues and getting messages from queues. It typically provides a very simple high level APIs to its services.
MOM's messaging and queuing allow clients and servers to communicate across a network without being linked by a private, dedicated, logical connection. The clients and server can run at different times. It is a post-office like metaphor. 

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