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private String encodeStringBase64
( byte[] encodeBase, int offset, int length ) {
        ByteArrayOutputStream byteArray
        = new ByteArrayOutputStream(length);
        Base64OutputStream base64
        = new Base64OutputStream( byteArray );
            base64.write( encodeBase, offset, length );
        catch (IOException ex){
            logger.error("Error in encodeStringBase64()"+ex);
            return null;
        return byteArray.toString();

India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have threatened to shut down some BlackBerry services in their respective countries. Lebanon and Indonesia have said they're considering similar moves, but have no firm plans.

In general, the countries are targeting BlackBerry's corporate e-mail service and the proprietary chat service, known as BlackBerry Messenger Service. Phone calls, text messaging and BlackBerry's consumer service, which is not encrypted, would not be affected.

In short, the corporate version of the BlackBerry system is too hard to eavesdrop on. The e-mails and messages are encrypted while in transit, and even Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that makes the BlackBerry, doesn't have the keys to decrypt them. The system is designed to keep corporate and government secrets safe, but the countries are concerned that it could provide cover for illegal activity.

Encryption is the process of "locking" a message so that only the intended recipient can read it, using a digital "key." It's widely used on the Internet. Without it, online banking and shopping would not be possible, nor any other sensitive communications.

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