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I wish I had more time to use my Blackberry for other things, but to be honest I have been totally focused on building Naggie, so I haven't really learned many tips-and-tricks for my Blackberry. Other than Naggie and my email, I'm ashamed to admit that I don't use my Blackberry for anything else!

If I could make any changes to the hardware side of a Blackberry, I'd make a model with GPS and a camera.

Given the buzz about media support on the Pearl, I would expect that third party developers are going to start producing some really cool music and camera features. Portable music, movies, and TV are all things I've never gotten into. My wife loves her iPod, but I just don't get it. But it does seem to be very lucrative. When you combine GPS with this media, though, you can really start doing some powerful things, especially for the service sector. Imagine how much faster companies like Comcast could be if all of their techs could snap a picture of a junction box and upload it to headquarters along with its GPS coordinates and street address. This technology has been around for a while, but it has required toaster-size hardware to operate. Shrinking all of that into a Star-Trek like communicator is going to enable some really cool applications.

In the last two years, a lot of innovation has come in the mobile computing world. Apple has launched very innovative mobile phone, iphone and ipad along with app store. Google launched Android in Nov 2007. Blackberry released SDK and app world. Microsoft has come up with phone 7 framework. Almost every type of mobile can be programmed using J2ME. Making applications for all these devices is Mobile application development. 

Desktop based IT application is present but the mobile is future. All the applications that were made to work only on desk top are being ported to mobile. In the coming 10 years, desktops will be replaced completely with mobile, and then all the applications will be designed mainly for mobile. The demand for mobile based trained engineers are increasing every year. Now after the launch of ipad by Apple, it will be even more. Therefore; the gextgen technology will be nothing else than mobile. The demand is expected to grow 70 folds in the coming 4 years. 

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