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Future of the mobile application development is bright 

That is a bit like asking: How much does a truck cost? The answer is that it depends on the truck. Your needs are unique and your app needs to meet only those needs. A small Toyota will cost a lot less than a huge semi tractor trailer. A tractor trailer is great if you want to haul goods across the country but dont try to take it on a Saturday night date. We help you to avoid creating too much - or too little app. This keeps costs low.

Having us create a custom smartphone app is surprisingly affordable. Many businesses find their app costs less than even a small radio or newspaper campaign. Unlike a radio campaign, the app’s usefulness does not end with the last commercial. Once it is created an app can add to your bottom line for a very long time. Our goal is to connect your audience with your cash register no matter where they are. With a smartphone app you give your customers access to you at the exact moment their buying decision is the strongest. 

It depends, No this is one of the great things about an app. Once it is built and in the app store your costs are done. There is no monthly fee for maintaining an app in the App Store. 

Depending on the complexity and how quickly you respond to us you could have an app built in about a month. 

Yes! Every app needs to go through an approval process. That process looks for viruses, pornography, hate speech and a few other things. We can guide you on what is likely to be approved and what is not likely to be approved.

Most applications are approved without a problem. If you are simply promoting your business, displaying products or services, gathering orders or directing users to your location you should be fine. 

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