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Polymorphism allows a client to treat different objects in the same way even if they were created from different classes and exhibit different behaviors.

You can use implementation inheritance to achieve polymorphism in languages such as C++ and Java.

Base class object's pointer can invoke methods in derived class objects.

You can also achieve polymorphism in C++ by function overloading and operator overloading.

Constructor creates an object and initializes it. It also creates vtable for virtual functions. It is different from other methods in a class.

Destructor usually deletes any extra resources allocated by the object. 

Constructor with no arguments or all the arguments has default values.

Constructor which initializes the it's object member variables ( by shallow copying) with another object of the same class. If you don't implement one in your class then compiler implements one for you.

For example:

Boo Obj1(10); // calling Boo constructor
Boo Obj2(Obj1); // calling boo copy constructor
Boo Obj2 = Obj1;// calling boo copy constructor

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