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C - Data Structures Interview Questions

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The representation of a particular data structure in the memory of a computer is called storage structure whereas a storage structure representation in auxiliary memory is often called a file structure.

Link list is always linear data structure because every element (NODE) having unique position and also every element has its unique successor and predecessor. Also,linear collection of data items called nodes and the linear order is given by means of pointers. Each node is divided into two parts. First part contains information of the element and another part contains the address of the next node in the list.

Simulation is the process of forming an abstract model from a real situation in order to understand the impact of modifications and the effect of introducing various strategies on the situation. It is a representation of real life system by another system, which describes the important characteristics of real system and allows experiments on it.

Minimal spanning tree assures that the total weight of the tree is kept at its minimum but it doesn't mean that the distance between any two nodes involved in the minimum-spanning tree is minimum

If the pivotal value (or the Height factor) is greater than 1 or less than 1.If the balance factor of any node is other than 0 or 1 or -1 then balancing is done.The balancing factor is height. The difference in height of the right subtree and right subtree should be +1 ,-1 or 0

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