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Apache Cassandra is a free, open source, distributed data storage system that differs sharply from relational database management systems.

Cassandra first started as an incubation project at Apache in January of 2009. Shortly thereafter, the committers, led by Apache Cassandra Project Chair Jonathan Ellis, released version 0.3 of Cassandra, and have steadily made minor releases since that time. Though as of this writing it has not yet reached a 1.0 release, Cassandra is being used in production by some of the biggest properties on the Web, including Facebook, Twitter, Cisco, Rackspace, Digg, Cloudkick, Reddit, and more.

Cassandra has become so popular because of its outstanding technical features. It is durable, seamlessly scalable, and tuneably consistent. It performs blazingly fast writes, can store hundreds of terabytes of data, and is decentralized and symmetrical so there’s no single point of failure. It is highly available and offers a schema-free data model.

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