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Client Server Architecture Interview Questions

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Open Network Computing (ONC) is the Sun architecture, with third party alliances providing the missing pieces. Sun's RPC is licensed by more than 300 companies, including DEC, IBM, and Apple Computer. It is a lean, efficient RPC that is particularly effective for installations not requiring WAN support. Transport Independent Remote Procedure Calls (TI-RPC) were co-developed by Sun and AT&T. TI-RPC runs independent of the underlying network transport, allowing applications to run unmodified over multiple transport protocols including NetWare,PCNFS, AIX/6000, Solaris, UNIX/SVR4, AIX/ESA. NetWise developed the TI-RPC Application Toolkit source code generation technology. 

VITAL provides a way of building information systems constructed from generalized modules that can be reused and shared.It specifies how to construct and provide interfaces for these modules. A cornerstone of Apple's client/server architecture is Data Access Language (DAL). DAL consists of software components for the client and the server (Macintosh System 7 includes the client component, DOS and Windows clients are sold separately). DAL sits between the client and server components. This approach allows varied clients to communicate with many different servers. With DAL, a change in the DBMS does not affect the front-end; it simply requires the appropriate DAL link. 

Latest updated Cognos dumps are here

The tiers of a three-tiered system consist of the client (user interface) tier, business logic tier, and data storage tier. 

In win NT Database is going to store in SAM[security accounts manager]and the size of data base is 40MB,That's the reason we can create 40 thousand object in winNT

But in win 2000/2003 database is going ot store in NTDS and the size of the data box is 12MB and it is extendable, In win 2003 we can create 1 billion objects 

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