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Client Server General Interview Questions

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Down Sizing is nothing but The Process of mo
ving an application from a {main frame ) to cheaper
system, typically a (client-server) system. 

it is a wire less tech use to transfer data from 1 device to

advantage :
► wireless.
► chip.

disadvantage :
► only work for small distance( in feet. )
► can not penetrate wall.

applications :
► remote based systems.
► mobiles. 

these two are SQL concepts

TRigger is a special type of stored procedure that
automatically takes effect when the data in a specified
table is modified.
triggers invoked in response to an INSERT,UPDATE OR DELETE
TRIGGERS are used to handle some exceptional conditions
if u r moving data 40 MB into data base,But data base having
only 30 mB free space then the trigger fires automatically
and the entire transaction automativcally roll backs.

Rules are database objects used to enforce data integrity.
this object bound to column or userdefined data types.
to ensure that only valid values are allowed to insert in
to columns.

so trigger acts automatically nad rollbacks the transaction
when error is occured.

rule is used to enforce data integrity on a column or user
defined data type. 

load balancing is a process where you will check the load
of all the nodes connected to the network and than decide
where to execute & in which node you want to distribute the
process for execution so that balance of the whole system
is maintained. 

much better and faster access.. provision of security too..
higher tasks can be done in parallel. 

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