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Using JCL with sysin. //sysin dd *here u code the parameters (value) to pass in to Cobol program /* and in program you use accept variable name (one accept will read one row)/.another way. 2) in jcl using parm statement ex: in exec statement parm=’john’,'david’ in Cobol pgm u have to code linkage section in that for first value you code length variable and variable name say, abc pic x(4).it will take john inside to read next value u have to code another variable in the same way above mentioned. 

A program that follows a top down approach. It is also one that other programmers or users can follow logically and is easy to read and understand. 

In the case of Static call, the called program is a stand-alone program, it is an executable program. During run time we can call it in our called program. As about Dynamic call, the called program is not an executable program it can executed through the called program 

1. You can REDEFINE a Variable from one PICTURE class to another PICTURE class by using the same memory location.
2. By REDEFINES we can INITIALISE the variable in WORKING-STORAGE Section itself.
3. We can REDEFINE a Single Variable into so many sub variables. (This facility is very useful in solving Y2000 Problem.)  

Using EXEC CICS SPOOL WRITE (var-name) END-EXEC command. Var-name is a COBOL host structure containing JCL statements. 

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