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Use a file //dd1 DD sysout=(*, intrdr)write your JCL to this file. Pl some on try this out. 

Make sure that link option is AMODE=31 and RMODE=ANY. Compile option should never have SIZE (MAX). BUFSIZE can be 2K, efficient enough. 

SEARCH is a sequential search from the beginning of the table. SEARCH ALL is a binary search, continually dividing the table in two halves until a match is found. SEARCH ALL is more efficient for tables larger than 70 items. 

1) Use ‘evaluate’ stmt for constructing cases.
2) Use scope terminators for nesting.
3) Use in line performs stmt for writing ‘do ‘constructions.
4) Use test before and test after in the perform stmt for writing do-while constructions.  

PICTURE 9v99 is a three position Numeric field with an implied or assumed decimal point after the first position; the v means an implied decimal point. 

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