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Scope terminators are mandatory for in-line PERFORMS and EVALUATE statements. For readability, it is recommended coding practice to always make scope terminators explicit. 

An external sort is not COBOL; it is performed through JCL and PGM=SORT. It is understandable without any code reference. An internal sort can use two different syntax’s: 1.) USING, GIVING sorts are comparable to external sorts with no extra file processing; 2) INPUT PROCEDURE, OUTPUT PROCEDURE sorts allow for data manipulation before and/or after the sort. 

Wake up - you haven’t been paying attention! It is not possible to pass an index via linkage. The index is not part of the calling programs working storage. Those of us, who’ve made this mistake, appreciate the lesson more than others. 

A subscript is a working storage data definition item, typically a PIC (999) where a value must be moved to the subscript and then incremented or decrements by ADD TO and SUBTRACT FROM statements. An index is a register item that exists outside the program’s working storage. You SET an index to a value and SET it UP BY value and DOWN BY value. 

The linkage section is part of a called program that ‘links’ or maps to data items in the calling program are working storage. It is the part of the called program where these shared items are defined.

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