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CFCHART has over 200 various attributes, they can be modified and used for animation, colors and label control. The CFCHART engine can make graphs, sketches of charts that have great quality and are very useful in Business Analysis; very versatile presentations can also be made.

Coldfusion is like a Common Gateway Interface Application. This means it works like a mechanism that enables dynamic output to be received by web servers. Usually web servers use static data and now the dynamic data will be seen as static.

  • when a request is transmitted by the browser to a web server for the purpose of getting a Coldfusion template the server will see the data sent by the browser as a CGI output request.
  • in the case in which forms are used to initiate requests the data from the form will be stored by the server in a place where other programs may find it. To do this we often use STDOUT data streams. The form information will be written to the INI type of files by the WinCGI interface, it will become available for the CGI application for reading.
  • the data is requested by the CGI program and returned in step.
  • the data is formatted by the CGI program and return in step.
  • the output is received by the server which makes the next server side processing that is required and then it is sent to the browser. Normally Coldfusion uses server API modules for server to server communication.

Stored procedures give the best performance when it comes to putting application logic to the database side. They have the disadvantage of slowing down the performance and the development if their code is weak.

When page directory of an application is not having an Application.cfm page, the Colfusion directory tree is being verified for the existence of an Application.cfm page; if there are more than one in multiple directories, the first found will be used. If the permission are set, Coldfusion will include Application.cfm anyway. For every request only one Application.cfm will be processed.

The OnRequestEnd.cfm page is processed after every page in the application, in the same way like Application.cfm performing prior to the application page code. OnRequestEnd.cfm and Application.cfm pages have to exist in the same directory that is used by Coldfusion for the present page. Only that directory is being searched.

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