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This tag used to Control the requested URL's page processing, such as the output of HTML code in pages.It has 3 attributes.
  * enableCFoutputOnly
  * requestTimeOut
  * showDebugOutput
All are optional attributes. you should mention atleast one attribute.Here I will explain a bit about requestTimeOut attribute.Rest two explained for the next question.
     This attribute added in ColdFusion MX varsion.
     It used to define time limit, after which ColdFusion processes the page as an unresponsive thread.
    Overrides the time-out set in the ColdFusion Administrator.  

* yes: blocks output of HTML that is outside cfoutput tags.
    * no: displays HTML that is outside cfoutput tags.
    * yes: if debugging is enabled in the Administrator, displays debugging information.
    * no: suppresses debugging information that would otherwise display at the end of the generated page.

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