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ColdFusion have the following main components:
ColdFusion admin, CFML (ColdFusion markup language), CF script, Variety search

Presentation server (presentation layer), Application server, Web server and a database server.
It has a J2ee web container that is the base of ColdFusion environment. And a ColdFusion runtime environment that will interprets the ColdFusion requests, and a database server.

ColdFusion has many benefits over other web languages. The very first thing we need to discuss is, ColdFusion is the first web languages that has been developed to build web application (dynamic).
After ColdFusion, PHP, and Microsoft’s asp .net were in the market. PHP is free and so many small companies and individual entrepreneurs use it. So php is widely used compared to others because it is free. Microsoft’s asp .net is next to it for mid to big size organizations as it give good support and of course the brand name also does the magic. ColdFusion though it is the first language from the rest, because of lack of publicity and cost, it is still not widely used. But below are the main benefits of ColdFusion over others.
It is very easy to install and very easy to migrate from older version to new version.
It does support all operating systems.
It is very easy to learn because of its self explanatory code/tags.
Easy integration to other adobe products such as flex, adobe pdf, flash etc..
Good database support and works for all protocols.

New era started for ColdFusion from MX versions.. such as Mac, Linux support, Flash remoting new Variety search functionality and code and debug of flash components.

ColdFusion 9.0 has many benefits over older versions and to name few they are:
Coldfusion can be used as a service with out writing lines of code, we can get results by using: CFChart, Cfdocument, CFImage, CFmail, CFPDF and cfpop etc. And also these services can be sandboxed in order to give more security.
Adobe AIR database synchronization.
New AJAX controls are added.
Server manager is a new feature by which from one access point we can manage several admin tasks of various servers.
Also ColdFusion 9 allows you to create coldfusion component as a portlet.

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