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CouchDB Interview Questions

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  •     A document database server, accessible via a RESTful JSON API.
  •     Ad-hoc and schema-free with a flat address space.
  •     Distributed, featuring robust, incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection and management.
  •     Query-able and index-able, featuring a table oriented reporting engine that uses JavaScript as a query language.

  •     A relational database.
  •     A replacement for relational databases.
  •     An object-oriented database. Or more specifically, meant to function as a seamless persistence layer for an OO programming language.

Yes. There are many companies using  CouchDB.

It's an acronym, Cluster Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware. This is a statement of Couch's long term goals of massive scalablility and high reliability on fault-prone hardware. The distributed nature and flat address space of the database will enable node partitioning for storage scalabilty (with a map/reduce style query facility) and clustering for reliability and fault tolerance. 

Erlang, a concurrent, functional programming language with an emphasis on fault tolerance. Early work on CouchDB was started in C++ but was replaced by Erlang OTP platform. Erlang has so far proven an excellent match for this project.

CouchDB's default view server uses Mozilla's Spidermonkey Javscript library which is written in C. It also supports easy integration of view servers written in any language. 

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