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Use a view like this:

map: function(doc) {if(doc._conflicts){emit(null,null);}}

Using an http proxy like nginx, you can load balance GETs across nodes, and direct all POSTs, PUTs and DELETEs to a master node. CouchDB's triggered replication facility can keep multiple read-only servers in sync with a single master server, so by replicating from master -> slaves on a regular basis, you can keep your content up to date. 

Several reasons:

  •     The first is a storage limitation of 2 gig per file.
  •     The second is that it requires a validation and fixup cycle after a crash or power failure, so even if the size limitation is lifted, the fixup time on large files is prohibitive.
  •     Mnesia replication is suitable for clustering, but not disconnected, distributed edits. Most of the "cool" features of Mnesia aren't really useful for CouchDB.
  •     Also Mnesia isn't really a general-purpose, large scale database. It works best as a configuration type database, the type where the data isn't central to the function of the application, but is necessary for the normal operation of it. Think things like network routers, HTTP proxies and LDAP directories, things that need to be updated, configured and reconfigured often, but that configuration data is rarely very large. 

CouchDB's data model and internal API map the REST/HTTP model so well that any other API would basically reinvent some flavour of HTTP. However, there is a plan to refactor CouchDB's internals so as to provide a documented Erlang API. 

CouchDB uses Erlang binaries internally. All data coming to CouchDB must be UTF-8 encoded.

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