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If there's a strong correlation between time (or some other regular monotonically increasing event) and document deletion, a DB setup can be used like the following:

  •     Assume that the past 30 days of logs are needed, anything older can be deleted.
  •     Set up DB logs_2011_08.
  •     Replicate logs_2011_08 to logs_2011_09, filtered on logs from 2011_08 only.
  •     During August, read/write to logs_2011_08.
  •     When September starts, create logs_2011_10.
  •     Replicate logs_2011_09 to logs_2011_10, filtered on logs from 2011_09 only.
  •     During September, read/write to logs_2011_09.
  •     Logs from August will be present in logs_2011_09 due to the replication, but not in logs_2011_10.
  •     The entire logs_2011_08 DB can be removed. 

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