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C++ - Data Structures Interview Questions

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Row Major Order: Store first the first row of the array, then the second row of the array and then the next and so on. Such a storage scheme is called Row Major Order.

Data Structure

Column Major Order: Store the array column by column. It is called Column Major Order.)

Data Structure

Singly, Doubly, Circular

Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort, Heap sort, two way merge sort

In this sorting algorithm, multiple swapping take place in one pass. Smaller elements move or 'bubble' up to the top of the list.
In this method adjacent members of the list to be sorted are compared. If the item on top is greater than the item immediately below it, they are swapped. This process is carried on till the list is sorted.

Find the correct position search the list till an item just greater than the target is found. Shift all the items from this point one, down the list. Insert the target in the vacated slot

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