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Firefox uses the property opacity:x for transparency, while IE uses
filter:alpha (opacity=x). 

The general syntax word-wrap property of CSS3 is as follows:
word-wrap: normal| break-word

The default initial value is normal in the above syntax. 

Syntax for the usage of white-space Property of CSS3.
The general format of white-space Property of CSS3 is as follows:
white-space: nnormal | pre | nowrap | pre-wrap | pre-line

Let me know if you have any other query. 

Flexibility achieved is in greater ratio in CSS3 because of the feature of handling multiple style sheets in CSS3 and because of the modularized approach of CSS3. 

The five values that can be taken by property white-space of CSS3 are normal, pre, nowrap, pre-wrap and pre-line. 

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