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The database descriptor, DBD is the DB2 ingredient this limits entrance to the database whenever objects are created, revised or dropped.

To keep up the integrity of DB2 objects the DBD gives entrance to simply on object at a opportunity Lock contention occurs if a good amount of objects are monumental by vying software manages simultaneously.

SPUFI stands for SQL processing making use of File key in It is the DB2 interactive menu-driven program expended by developers to generate database objects

The two parameters exhausted in the CREATE statement are the PCTFREE that specifies the fee of cost free space for every web page and FREEPAGE that spells the level of webpages to be loaded provided information between every cost free web page Free space provides room for the insertion of new rows

A NULL values takes up one byte of storage and signals the a rate is not new as opposed to a space or zero market prices It’s the DB2 equivalent of TBD on an organizational chart and often right portrays a economy well being Unfortunately, it requires supplementary coding for an tool bill to solve the current situation.

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