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DHTMLX Touch Interview Questions

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There is the main approach to interface creation by using dhtmlx library capabilities:

Let's create interface structure which will be set by layout. The whole page (document.body), some block HTML item (for example, DIV-item or table cell), cell of other layout, tabbar, window or accordion can be used as container for layout. Layout structure can be set in two ways:
by choosing appropriate structure from existing ones,
or by creating any other structure by means of combining with existing ones (in this case you should use the capability to create layouts within cells of other layout).

myLayout1 = new dhtmlxLayout({
    schema: "3J";

myLayout2 = new dhtmlxLayout({
    parent: myLayout1.cells("c"),
    schema: "3E"

Here we get the sum of 2 layouts and 5 cells (2 cells are taken from the first layout, 3 others - from the second one) for items placement. 

DHTMLX Touch provides a set of top level UI components:

  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • Dataview
  • IFrame
  • Form
  • GoogleMap
  • Grid
  • Layout
  • Accordion
  • Carousel
  • Multiview
  • List
  • Grouplist
  • Pagelist
  • Popup
  • Scrollview
  • Template
  • Toolbar
  • Video
  • Window

It also includes multiple controls:

  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Combo
  • Counter
  • Datepicker
  • Icon
  • Imagebutton
  • Label
  • Radio
  • Richselect
  • Segmented
  • Select
  • Tabbar
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Toggle

Yes, we would definitely be interested. Such implementation projects provide us with great insight into the needs and problems our customers experience in using our components. One cannot underestimate the value of this insight. Since the cost of this service depends on the scope of the work, please contact us for estimates.

Since we expect that you would also seek to protect your confidentiality and intellectual property, we always sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients who provide us with access to their application. When security requirements preclude the release of your source code, we have the ability to prototype the use of our components in an application similar to yours.

We can definitely support the development of custom projects, including outsourcing services for software development, testing, technical writing, etc. We might charge a little more than other vendors, but we believe we deliver a superior service to a more specialized market (advanced web GUI for PHP, Java, and .NET).

When subcontracting us, our clients get world-class Ajax developers and PHP, Java and .NET programmers. We believe this shines through in the quality of our products.

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