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Digital Certificates Interview Questions

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a fill - 1/20 per minute
b fill - 1/30 per minute
c can empty - 1/40 per minute

Suppose this take x minute

1 x +1x - 1x
--- -- ---- =1
20 30 40

Solve this x=17(approximately) 

A digital signature consists of text that is encrypted using the private key of a public key[md]private key pair. The public key is used to decrypt the signature to verify its authenticity. 

(1/10)^18 - (1/10)^20
= 1/(10^18) - 1/(10^20)
= (10^2 - 1)/(10^20)
= 99/(10^20) 

list of certificates who have been reovoked access.
It is use in X.500 

A one-time signature scheme allows the signature of only a single message using a given piece of private (and public) information. One advantage of such a scheme is that it is generally quite fast. However, the scheme tends to be unwieldy when used to authenticate multiple messages because additional data needs to be generated to both sign and verify each new message. By contrast, with conventional signature schemes like RSA 

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