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Just go to 'Administer » Site building » Themes >> Configure' and at the bottom of this page you will find a section called "Shortcut icon settings". There you can change the 'favicon'.

avi type

In order for you or your users to start uploading video using Video Module, you must add a Video as a content type on your site.

Go to Administer->Content management->ContentTypes.

With the default installation, only users that have logged in can access/post comments.
This can be changed from Administer -> User management -> Permissions. The comments settings are self-explanatory. By default, registered users can post comments (they don't need to wait for moderator approvals).
If you want to let anonymous users post comments, go to Administer -> User management -> Permissions -> comment module. 

In terms of basic functionality, there is no difference.

  • A page doesn't post author information, timestamps or comments by default.
  • A story does post author information, timestamps or comments by default.

By default, a story entry is automatically featured on the site's initial home page, and provides the ability to post comments.

The Page option allows you to create a static page

The path of the Drupal user/admin login page is


Choose the enabled option under clean urls

Administer->Site configuration->Clean URLs.

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