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Inline functions property says whenever it will called, it will copy the complete definition of that function. Recursive function declared as inline creates the burden on the compilers execution.

The size of the stack may/may not be overflow if the function size is big. 


void foo(void)
unsigned int a = 6;
int b = -20;
(a+b > 6) ? puts("> 6") :

Here output would give you "> 6". The reason for this is that expressions involving signed and unsigned types have all operands
promoted to unsigned types 

constructors top-down, destructors bottom-up.


  • in parent's constructor
  • in child's constructor
  • in grandchild's constructor
  • in grandchild's destructor
  • in child's destructor
  • in parent's destructor 

Actually theres not much of difference between using psos or vxworks.A few differences in features are:

  1. The psos priority is reverse of vxworks.
  2. psos supports posix 1003.1 while vxworks it is 1003.1b.
  3. In psos device driver architecture is different than vxworks.
  4. Also vxworks has interrupt

latency<4.33 microsecs while psos its higher.
Other then these both work in same manner and follow same
Also as psos is getting killed no fresh development work is supported by windriver for psos. Also vxworks development environment is much more user friendly then psosenvironment becos vxworks IDE mimics mostly visual studio. 

Object based languages doesnt support Inheritance where as object oriented supports. c# is a object oriented language because it supports inheritance and asp.net is not a langugae it is a technology

If the language supports ony 3 features i;e (data encapsulation,data abstraction $ polymorphism).then it is said to be object based programming language. If the language supports all the 4 features i;e(encapsulatio,abstraction,polymorphism $ also inheritance )..then it is said to be object oriented programming language. 

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