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5 level types are as under:
single: B derived from A
multilevel:C derived from B and B derived from A
multiple:C derived from A and B
Hierarchical:B derived from A and C derived from A
hybrid:combination of above types 

It will return a 4 byte address value.
Because -10 is a signed integer(varies from compiler to compiler). 

Yes structures can be passed to functions by value. Though passing by value has two disadvantages :

  1. The charges by the calling function are not reflected
  2. Its slower than the pass by reference function call. 

Const and volatile keywords should not be used together because both are opposite in nature.
A variable is declared as "const" means it's value is not able to be changed but if it is declared as "Volatile" then it is not under control. 

Four types of storage classes are there in c.

  1. Auto
  2. Register
  3. Static
  4. Extern or Global 

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