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Pointer use's to reference to value a into int a=10 to memory add this value and 10 is add p value added this data in memory location for p............for reference key is a 

int main()
int n = 6789;
char p[20];
return 0;

Embedded system can include RTOS and cannot include also. it depends on the requirement. if the system needs to serve only event sequencially, there is no need of RTOS. If the system demands the parallel execution of events then we need RTOS. 

You can define structure bit field members with Dot operators.


#include <stdio.h>
int main()

Struct bit_field
Int x.4; // it allocates only 4 bits to x
Char C.6; // it allocates only 6 bits to C;

return 0;

Interrupt latency refers to the amount of time between when an interrupt is triggered and when the interrupt is seen by software. 

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