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Flex Field Interview Questions

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A Key-Flexfield may be associated with single or multiple structures. This is specified when creating a new flexfield.
This can be clearly understood when defining a new key flex field. Note that All the fields expect description and Structure column are optional.
If you want to enable a multi-structured flex-field you need to assciate the corresponding back-end column

Once can compile a KFF without any segments defined within. There is no lower limit.However there is limit on the maximum number of segments to be used and that is 30 as rightly said by my friend.

Standard DFF's are given by Oracle.We need not register.We can register CustomDFF's

Valuesets for the segments in DFF's are not mandatory.
If require you can change as mandatory. In this Dff form on check box as unable/ disable you can using as require.

Open Flexfield => Descriptive=>Register and query required DFF. Click on quot;Columns" button enable/disable required columns there.

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