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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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You have set up the supervisor or user password in the BIOS, however, you did not provide the password when you were asked by the system during the bootup phase. You will not be able to access the floppy drive until you reboot the system, and enter the proper password. If your notebook floppy disk drive won't work with diskettes that you are sure good (you can check them by trying them on another personal computer system) then your floppy disk drive has probably gotten out of alignment.

The following instructions assume that you created the backup using WinZip software as mentioned above. Insert the last floppy disk of the set in your floppy disk drive and open the zip file on this floppy disk corresponding to TaalMala installation using WinZip software. After you have unzipped the installation package, use the original serial number and registration code provided to you for installation. If you have any problems, contact us.

Yes and no. Unlike a floppy disk, when the CD-R is full you cannot re-write any data. However, this is where a CD-RW comes in. You can erase and re-write with this type of disc but your Drive must be able to support CD-RWs.

Yes, just copy the Realtime-Spy file you configured to a floppy. Then copy it from the floppy to the PC you want to install it on - then run the file.

It's actually very simple. I originally wrote the code as part of a real-time os. That os had disk drivers that worked with dma and were multitasking. So, I took advantage of it and only did all my reads and writes out of the disk buffers. The next sector was always set for read-ahead so that while I was reading or writing the current sector, the next one was filling the buffer. For the bios drivers, I need to specifically fetch each sector and wait until it finishes.

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