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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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Yes and No. The website is not run on a floppy. We actually have a great Webhosting firm ,Interknights and they take care of us. However a backup is made each night of the FULL site on to a single floppy disk. The pictured floppy could theoretically be the website as the entire contents of the site are stored on that floppy, uncompressed.

We do not encourage the use of floppy disks as they are an outdated and unreliable technology. Students are strongly encouraged to e-mail files to themselves as attachments or use a USB flash drive when they wish to move them between CELOP and home. If you must use a floppy, four of the PCs in 267b are equipped with floppy drives, or you can see John in office 251.

which it would easily fit). The performance of the game running from a floppy is much the same except when you first load it up it takes it about a minute to load up all the graphics/map

For the FDHD (i.e. MFM format, high-density floppies), here's the word from Ken Nakata (kenn@eden.rutgers.edu): It doesn't work because we don't have any kind of documentation as to how to control SWIM chip directly. Calling ROM routines for the floppy is probably unwise since it will disrupt NetBSD's multitasking (ever noticed the frozen mouse cursor on MacOS when accessing the floppy?). for low-density floppies, Hauke Fath (saw@sun0.urz.uni-heidelberg.

Yes. You can get floppies at the circulation desk for 50¢. They are also sold at the campus bookstore in the Student Center.

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