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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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Contact the Help Desk. Many times the consultants at the desk will be able to troubleshoot your problem and solve it over the phone. Please keep in mind that diskette data can be damaged by a variety of factors.

That depends on what kind of sounds are on the disk. Typically, drum sounds do not take up much sampling (recording) time, so you can fit many samples on a single floppy disk. We have been able to fit as many as 60 samples on a HD Floppy disk when sampling only Kick & Snare Drums. On the other hand, an Acoustic Piano sound requires much more sampling time in order to get a realistic sound. It's not unheard of using 64 Megs or more of memory to create that killer piano sound.

There is a floppy disk shipped with all of the NYVIP machines to serve as a backup. If for any reason there is a power failure to the machine, no data will be lost. The floppy disk must be installed before the NYVIP machine will perform inspections. The NYVIP program requires that a dedicated analog telephone line be installed for each NYVIP unit on site.

You can use ShredIt for Mac OS 7 to erase the contents of a floppy disk. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the ShredIt for Mac OS 7 Read me in the documentation folder that comes with ShredIt or download the ShredIt 7 Read me (pdf) now

Once you've selected the option to either save the file or save to disk make sure you are then saving it to the hard disk inside your computer. Check the file size, it may be too large to fit on one floppy disk and cannot be segmented into several disks (however, this segmentation can be done after download is complete).

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