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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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We make every effort to constantly update the virus protection software on the computers in the lab. We also hope that students with their own home machines will install virus protection on them. If you think you have acquired a virus on a floppy disk, you can bring it to the Help Desk (only with an appointment) in the basement of Andover Hall and we can try to fix it using basic data recovery software.

Locate the file you want to copy and click once on its name to select it. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click the floppy disk drive icon where you want to copy the file to.

In Windows Explorer or My Computer, use your right mouse button to click the icon for the floppy disk you want to copy, and then choose Copy Disk from the shortcut menu. Click the drive you want to copy from and the drive you want to copy to, and then click Start.

Modern machines can’t read the 400k and 800k floppy disks used by the Mac Plus. This a hardware problem, not solvable in software - they lack the variable speed motor of the old drives. I don’t know any reason why some company couldn’t now manufacture a floppy drive that reads the old disks, but I’m not aware of anyone doing so. So the only way to read such disks is to get an old Mac.

Most of the public access computers in the library have DVD/CD drives and a USB port for flash drives only. They do not have floppy disk drives. Some computers near the Reference Desk on the main (second) floor still have floppy disk drives; ask a reference librarian to point them out if needed.

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