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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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Be sure the Standard BIOS Setup is set correctly for your floppy drive (most are 3 1/2 inch, 1.44 MB). If you have more than one floppy drive, check to see if you have Floppy Drive swapping is not Enabled in CMOS. Are the floppies write protected; i.e., when looking at the back of the floppy with the metal door down, the little tab in the rectangular hole at the top, left of the floppy blocks light. In the Windows Explorer, right-click the floppy drive and format the floppy with the transfer system files option selected. Try another floppy drive. Replace the floppy cable. Sometimes they get nicked. If the floppy drive LED stays on all of the time, you have the flat cable plugged in backwards on either the motherboard or drive; the red stripe goes to pin 1. You could have a bad box of floppies. Try one of the suspect floppies in another computer after running a virus scan on them. Throw away that magnetic screwdriver. They are banned in my shop.

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