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Hard Drive Interview Questions

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A program runs on one machine and executes on another is called as cross-compiler

Cross compiler programs are written for embedded systems(usually) but run on normal PCs to gauge their performance. Later on, they are ported to embedded systems.

Stack Segment in segment register is used to store interrupt and subroutine return address registers. 

Maximum of 24 logical drives. The extended partition can only have 23 logical drives.

Max of 24 partition from "c" to "z"
primary 4 

Main Boot Record is located in sector 0, track 0, head 0, cylinder 0 of the primary active partition.

sector 0, head 0, cylinder 0, 

1.Enter into the BIOS and check whether your hard disk drive is set as first boot device,if not then set it as first boot device in the boot device priority.
2.If the problems exists,then you have to boot the system with a new operating system cd and install a new one.
3.Side by side check the RAM also for the connection 

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