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Stream messages are a group of java primitives. It contains some convenient methods for reading the data. However Stream Message prevents reading a long value as short. This is so because the Stream Message also writes the type information along with the value of the primitive type and enforces a set of strict conversion rules which actually prevents reading of one primitive type as another.

Add_subscriber and remove_subscriber are administrative operations on a queue. Though AQ does not prevent applications from issuing administrative and operational calls concurrently, they are executed serially. Both add_subscriber and remove_subscriber will block until pending transactions that have enqueued or dequeued messages commit and release the resources they hold. It is expected that adding and removing subscribers will not be a frequent event. It will mostly be part of the setup for the application. The behavior you observe will be acceptable in most cases. The solution is to try to isolate the calls to add_subscriber and remove_subscriber at the setup or cleanup phase when there are no other operations happening on the queue. That will make sure that they will not stay blocked waiting for operational calls to release resources.

CreateDurableSubscriber and unsubscribe calls require exclusive access to the Topics. If there are pending JMS operations (send/publish/receive) on the same Topic before these calls are issued, the ORA - 4020 exception is raised.

There are two solutions to the problem:

  1. Try to isolate the calls to createDurableSubscriber and unsubscribe at the setup or cleanup phase when there are no other JMS operations happening on the Topic. That will make sure that the required resources are not held by other JMS operational calls. Hence the error ORA - 4020 will not be raised.
  2. Issue a TopicSession.commit call before calling createDurableSubscriber and unsubscribe call. 

In addition to granting the roles, you would also need to grant execute to the user on the following packages:

  • grant execute on sys.dbms_aqin to <userid>
  • grant execute on sys.dbms_aqjms to <userid> 

To use MessageListeners inside Oracle8i JServer, you can do one for the following


Call dbms_java.grant_permission ('JAVASYSPRIV', 'SYS:java.net.SocketPermission', '*', 'accept,connect,listen,resolve');

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