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JSP handles the comment sent to the user as like any other pages. This comment that is rendered to the client as a page is called the output comment. This will be handled as a HTML text and this will be rendered as a HTML output on the user browser.

Java Server Pages (“JSP”) require a web server and a Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (“J2SE”) Implementation to run. The J2EE SDK, has the functionality needed for running JSP pages. JSP technology is one of the J2EE SDK technologies. If you want to use JSP pages with other J2EE SDK technologies, e.g. Enterprise JavaBean (“EJB”) technology, using the J2EE SDK are a good choice.

No. We can’t implement an interface in a JSP

The information about the container which the application is running is provided by the ‘ServletContext’. The information about the Request in provided by the ‘PageContext’

request.getRequestDispatcher(path) is used to give the relative path of the resource

context.getRequestDispatcher(path) is used to give the absolute path of the resource

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