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  • DDL (Data Definition Language) refers to the CREATE, ALTER and DROP statements

DDL allows to add / modify / delete the logical structures which contain the data or which allow users to access / mantain the data (databases, tables, keys, views...). DDL is about "metadata".

  • DML (Data Manipulation Language) refers to the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements

DML allows to add / modify / delete data itself.

  • DQL (Data Query Language) refers to the SELECT, SHOW and HELP statements (queries)

SELECT is the main DQL instruction. It retrieves data you need. SHOW retrieves infos about the metadata. HELP... is for people who need help.

  • DCL (Data Control Language) refers to the GRANT and REVOKE statements

DCL is used to grant / revoke permissions on databases and their contents. DCL is simple, but MySQL's permissions are rather complex. DCL is about security.

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