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mysql> CREATE TABLE [table name] (firstname VARCHAR(20), middleinitial VARCHAR(3), lastname VARCHAR(35),suffix VARCHAR(3),officeid VARCHAR(10),userid VARCHAR(15),username VARCHAR(8),email VARCHAR(35),phone VARCHAR(25), groups VARCHAR(15),datestamp DATE,timestamp time,pgpemail VARCHAR(255));

By below query we will get second maximum(second highest) salary value(integer)from table employee (field salary)in the manner so that mysql gets less load?
SELECT DISTINCT(salary) FROM employee order by salary desc limit 1 , 1 ;
(This way we will able to find out 3rd highest , 4th highest salary so on just need to change limit condtion like LIMIT 2,1 for 3rd highest and LIMIT 3,1 for 4th some one may finding this way useing below query that taken more time as compare to above query SELECT salary FROM employee where salary < (select max(salary) from employe) order by salary DESC limit 1 ;

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