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Linux OS Interview Questions

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he commands that are directly executed by the shell are known as internal commands. No separate process is there to run these commands.

The commands that are executed by the kernel are knows as external commands. Each command has its unique process id.

Static library has functionality that bound to a static program at compile time. Every static program has its own copy of library.

Dynamic libraries are loaded into the memory and binds at run time. The external functionality is accessed at runtime. This process reduces the overall footprint of memory.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is an environment variable. This is used to search for the shared objects / dynamic libraries by the operating system for extendable functionality at runtime.

A file server is dedicated for persisting files in a location from which the networked systems can access. Certain access privileges can be set for files.
Linux has software named as ‘samba’ which allows the files to be shared, viewed and edited on any remote system which may has Windows 9 x/ME/2000/NT or Macintosh computer systems. These files on the file server are backed up from time to time. If a file is deleted inadvertently, the file can be recovered from the backup tape.

NFS stands for Network File System. NFS is used to partition a disk on a remote machine disk. NFS allows a quick way of file sharing.

The unwanted people access potential is provided by NFS to access hard drive in a network. So that an unauthorized user can not access one’s email, delete the files. File services from windows can be accessed. In other words files from one operating system can be shared by another using NFS.

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