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Mac OS Interview Questions

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The main feature of Mac OS X, as compared to the previous version, is its inclusion of 'Widgets'.

Apple's Macintosh computers use Mac OS X. The X stands for 10 and the current version is 10.6.6. Mac OS X followed on from Mac OS 9 which was last updated in 2001. Windows and Linux are alternative operating systems that will run on a Mac if required.

Providing everyone is connected to the same game on the same server it will not matter which computer they are using.

Regesitry is like a database which stores windows information.
all you are seeing in your system is controled by registry.
registry also stores location of applications and processes. so if you delete an application entry from registry than you cannot see it in Appwiz.cpl.

I suggest dont make changes in registry if you havent much knowledge abt it. It May curropt your windows.

You can use Scrapii www.scrapii.com for this. It's a free bulk online image downloader. You just paste the URL and it will download them for you :)

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