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Mac OS Interview Questions

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If they both have wireless (Airport) cards, just set up one to accept wireless connections in the network and sharing control panels.

do this by: 1. with one of the macs, create a network. 2. with the other, search for wireless networks and find the one that was created. 3. chose that network to connect the two macs

Windows XP can not "connect" to Mac OSx because they are separate platforms that do not support the same language. INSTEAD, your Apple computer has Boot Camp to separate the 2 platform systems, which the computer must be "booted" each time you want to change platforms. However, there is software (such as VMware Fusion) program where you can actually have both platforms open at the same time.

In disk utility select your volume... then the blue info, you'll see Universal Unique Identifier

Many USB webcams can be used with Mac OS X (See links below) which can be selected from the video sources listing within the software that you are using.

Start > Run > Cmd

from the command prompt navigate to the directory where you saved the folder.

use "rename"


C: est>rename longdirectorynamethatdoesntbelong shortname

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