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Mac OS Interview Questions

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The iPhone should be recognised as a camera, when connected to the Mac, in both Image Capture and iPhoto (in the applications folder). You can then import pictures to your computer and delete them from the iPhone.
you plug in the iphone to your computer,Then you are to watch the computer screen n you should c a auto play on the screen.You are then to click transfer files if it has worked.

Where is the security slot on mac book pro? 

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the operating system running on all Apple manufactured desktop and notebook computers. It is deigned to allow the user to carry out simple and complex tasks on their computer. Mac OS X is praised for being easier to use than its rival Windows operating systems as it is one of Apple's goals to make products which 'just work' and to give the user no problems with using their computer.

Go to Applications, and then select the Utilities folder. Choose the Disk Utility program. Choose the jump drive and then the "Partition" setting. This should allow you to reformat the drive.

right click on the file, and click "Zip (filename)" and it will compress it to the same folder that the original is in.

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