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"Whistler Embedded" delivers all the richness, innovation and reliability of the next generation of Windows in a componentized version, enabling embedded developers to select specific technology components required for a wide range of unique Windows Powered devices. Beta 1 is focused on delivering embedded client scenarios, including Windows-based terminals, advanced set-top boxes and retail point-of-sale kiosks. With the release of "Whistler Embedded" beta 1 coming only 48 days after release of the "Whistler" beta, Microsoft underscores its commitment to bringing the latest, most innovative Windows technology to the embedded space in a timely manner."

October 25, 2001

August 24, 2001

Features such as System Restore, Image acquisition and more. Most of the new multimedia features in Windows Me will be carried over to Windows XP.

Microsoft is aiming to combine the features of Windows Me for the consumer, and reliability of Windows 2000 for businesses and power users into one new operating system. This operating system in its' different flavors will have new features for gaming, multimedia applications, audio, etc. in addition to features for networking, development, etc. for businesses and power users.

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