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Windows OS Interview Questions

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Richer communications. Real-time voice, video and application-sharing will enable people to communicate more effectively.
Enhanced mobility. Mobile users' ability to access their information any time, anywhere will be further improved.

Improved help and support. Users will be able to easily connect to people and resources for help whenever they need it.
Simple digital photos and video. Windows XP will make it easy to create, organize and share digital memories.

Exciting music and entertainment. Windows XP will deliver the best experience for the discovery, download, personalization and playback of high-quality audio and video content.
Enabling of the "connected home." Windows XP will give people an easy way to share information, devices and Internet connections within the home.

Most programs that work on Windows 95/98/Me and NT will work on versions of Windows XP. As with Windows 2000, several compatibility updates are sure to made after the product is released. There will be problems running older DOS programs (if they will run at all).

Definitely go for Windows XP for the simple reason that it is designed for both the business & consumer thus is more adept at games playing.

Yup, to be specific MS Management Console 2.0 is released.

Microsoft Win32 classes give you the means to manipulate a variety of objects. Objects can be divided into four main categories. There are 40 new ones. 

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