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_all : Table holds all the information about different operating units. Multi-Org environment. You can also set the client_info to specific operating unit to see the data specific to that operating unit only.
_TL : Translation Tables. where we can find the name of the particular field we are referring to. All _TL tables has a unique ID which corresponds the foreign key to other table which is used to store in the database and referenced back to display the name.
_V: are views.
_vl table stores the MultiLingual views

There are 3 flix fields are there
1.Arta flexfield
2.Salestax flexfileld
3.Territory flexfield

Financial Statment Generation (FSG), we can create different financial statement and we will get finacial reports.

Conversion is a process by which we transfer legacy data from temporary tables to base tables.
Interfaces also does the same but is a daily process and most of the interfaces are automated by scheduling. Example:AutoInvoice

For a given currency or primary SOB we can define maximum of 8 reporting SOBs.

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