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Raise form_trigger_failure 

  • Create_group (Function)
  • Create_group_from_query(Function)
  • Delete_group(Procedure)
  • Add_group_column(Function)
  • Add_group_row(Procedure)
  • Delete_group_row(Procedure)
  • Populate_group(Function)
  • Populate_group_with_query(Function)
  • Set_group_Char_cell(procedure) 

A window, by itself , can be thought of as an empty frame. The frame provides a way to interact with the window, including the ability to scroll, move, and resize the window. The content of the window i.e. what is displayed inside the frame is determined by the canvas View or canvas-views displayed in the window at run-time. 

Content View, Stacked View and Tab view. 

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